The Best How To Fold A Paper Boat Ideas

The Best How To Fold A Paper Boat Ideas. Step 5) fold the bottom layer of paper up and behind the model. Now you see a triangular shape.

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Then trim anything to your preference. Fold down the corners to make a triangle. With the top corners folded in get the open side of the paper and fold them up, then bend in the corners.

Start With Your Rectangular Paper, Orient It Vertically, With The Long Edges Going Up And Down.

A creative and innovative world of paper formatting. Unfold the fold we just made in step d. If you want to fold precisely, look at the photos i have left below.

In That Same Corner, Fold Diagonally To The Same Crease Again.

Now that the paper is folded in half find the center of the half piece and fold in the two corners so that they are evenly folded. Take an a4 sheet paper. Pull the sides outwards and you’ll again get the square shape as shown on the first image bellow.

Now, Fold The Paper From Bottom To Top.

While keeping your folded crease, rotate your paper to the left where your paper is back to the paper being vertically, where the opening of your paper is facing you. Fold the bottom half of the strip outwards and then fold the bottom part of the mast to the opposite direction. Then trim anything to your preference.

As You Pull It Apart, It Should Open Up Into A Boat Shape, As Shown In The Photo Below.

Hold it horizontally as shown in the picture. When both sides are bent, it should be as follows. Turn the paper over and repeat this step from the other side.

Unfold And Then Fold The Bottom Right Corner In Along The Crease You Made.

Step 2) fold the paper in half the other way. Leave a comment & submit your photo on the last page here. Cut a small strip from a cardstock paper and align it with the mast from the bottom side.