How To Fold A Paper Into 5 Sections

Double Parallel Fold Accordion Fold. When folding only parallel to one side one cannot fold into 3 equal parts.

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Fold the bottom edge up.

How to fold a paper into 5 sections. Fold the square in half along the diagonal by folding one corner to the opposite corner. Flaps fold back and forth to make a Z. 1 fold on the diagonal of 5-7 to put 4 under 6.

– Sheet of paper folded in half then Tri folded. – 3 folds that create from 1. Divide the template paper into 8ths by folding horizontal lines.

Next fold in half again but you are folding one side to meet the other. So if one wants to fold it in 5 equal parts one first folds it in 238 equal parts and the folds along the line through the top corner and the 5th mark. Divide a square or rectangle into 3rds 5ths or 7ths.

Fold the top edge down to the crease you just created in the last step. You will have five sections. 2 One must use the second dimensions.

Half – Z fold -dsSheet of paper folded in half then Z folded. Rotate the paper fold the top left corner aligning with the first vertical crease. 4 fold 1-8 under 2-3.

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. 3 fold 6-7 under 8-3. Paper will open left to right so you can see 3 sections at same time.

Unfold the top flap. However you get an honest-to-goodness landmark thats easier to fold to. This is the one I would probably choose.

Place the bottom corner of your paper on the bottom edge or 1st crease line of the template. Folds a legal size sheet 85 x 14 to fit into a standard 10 9 envelope. A device 10 for folding at least one sheet of paper 12 such that the sheet of paper 12 is ready for insertion into an envelope which device 10 comprises first second and third sections 14 16 18 which are hinged together by first and second hinges 20 22 and which are made of sheet material which is sufficiently rigid to enable the sheet of paper 12 to be folded the device.

With the paper horizontal in front of you use your ruler to divide the length of the paper into thirds. The second method leaves two diagonal creases in the paper and a couple of pinch marks along the top edge. Sheet of paper with 2 folds with 3 sections of almost equal size.

Folding paper into sections is also useful for creating bookmarks or paper accordions. Do a tri-fold. Letters invoices statements special offers price list flyersbrochures.

Also referred to as an 8-sheet or quarter fold The sheet is folded in half and then half again using 2 parallel folds creating 4 panels on each side of the sheet. 5 fold 2 under 3. If 85 x 11 paper used the paper can be placed in standard 10 or 9 envelope.

By creating four creases you can fold a sheet of paper into five equal sections. The third method leaves three diagonal creases in. Fold the bottom edge up to the crease you just created.

3To fold fives fold the paper over until the paper left uncovered equals approximately half the covered paper then fold the covered paper in half and last fold the uncovered paper back over the covering and covered paper. Let the paper fall back to its original position. 2To fold threes fold the paper over until the paper left uncovered equals approximately the paper covered then fold the uncovered paper back over the covered paper.

You can see the small crease at the top. A number 10 envelope is slightly wider than the 85 x 11 sheet of paper also known as letter size I misspoke in the videoAlso Im not sure why there. 2 fold 5 and manage to fold it inside the previous fold.

Make the 2 folds and smooth them over with your hand. Divide Paper into Fifths – method 2. Continue flipping and folding until youve reached the end of the paper.

Mark where the 2 folds should be on the top and bottom of the page. Make a template with another piece of paper the same size as the paper used for the model. Bring the top right corner diagonally over to the left – the top point should start at crease you made in step 2 the bottom point should start from the bottom right corner.

All the numbers are ordered but some of them are fold in 2 on their diagonal 7 and 5. Brochures Maps Charts Large diagrams – 3 folds that create from 1 to 12 areas for print.

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