How To Fold A Star

Fold a 4 square in half away from you and press. Again mark along the center lines 1 12 2.

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Mark the 6 point and draw a line down the paper for about 2.

How to fold a star. Fold in the left edge along one of the creases you just made. Origami Star Paper Stars How To Perfectly Fold An Origami Paper Star DIY Paper Star – YouTube. When you get to the 5th fold you will have to slightly open the 1st fold to complete it.

These lines will be your foundation when building your folded star. Easy origami tutorial on how to fold a Christmas star ornament out of paper strips. The basic shape of the star is created by making a knot out at one end of the strip of paper and flattening this to give a pentagon shape.

How to Make a Star Fold Card. To make the knot form a loop at one end of the strip of paper. So you will get the lines on fabric as in the image below.

To make this 6 card you will need to start with a piece of paper measuring 12 X 12. Now you can draw a line from the corner left to the. Youll see what I mean in the next photos.

Squash the fold flat. As you make the fold let the tip of the star flip out from underneath. Mastered pentagrams and hexagrams.

For more information including a step-by-step overview of the folding process as well as to get started making your own seven-sided stars watch this free origami lesson. Use a ruler and pencil or a marking pen to highlight the fold lines. First fold the right triangle of the lower piece the one on bottom under the top triangle of the top piece.

Then fold the top edge down to meet the center point marked with a. Fold it in half diagonally finger press or press with iron fold again diagonally and press. Fold up the two corners closest to you towards the center to create a triangle.

Fold in half again to create quarters and press. This Xmas origami is also known as Danish Advent Star German Christmas S. Fold one corner of the pentagon in to the middle creasing the fold all the way out to the point to create a sharp star point.

Theres only one place to go. Prep all the star points. Fold a Loop at One End of the Paper Kate Pullen.

A Star Fold Card for almost any Occasion. With this guide youll learn how to make seven-pointed stars with origami the traditional Japanese folk art of paper folding. Then do the same with the left triangle of the lower piece and the triangle closest you on.

Now fold the bottom right edge to meet the center point like in the photo below. Fold your circle in half and press. Laying it on your mat you can easily find the center of one of the sides.

Then fold up the bottom edge at the same time pulling the corner of the pentagon out to the left like this.

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