How To Fold Origami Stars

Making the 5 Pointed Origami Star. Unfold the previous step.

Tutorial Origami Lucky Stars By Sweetcivic On Deviantart Origami Lucky Star Origami Origami Tutorial

Then fold the paper along the diagonal white side out 4.

How to fold origami stars. Paper Stars Paper Stars Origami Stars Folded Paper Stars. Learn how to fold a 2D origami star. How To Fold Origami Stars Video.

With this guide youll learn how to fold a lucky paper star from strips of paper using origami the traditional Japanese folk art of paper folding. HOW TO FOLD AN ORIGAMI 5-POINTED STAR. Start colour side up.

For more information including a step-by-step overview of the folding process as well as to get started making your own lucky stars watch this free origami. Take a gander at this origami video to learn how to fold cute origami straw lucky stars. Make folds across the width of the pentagon starting in a corner point and folding the paper in half.

However as it combines folding with weaving it is more a fringe subject of origami. Fold origami straw lucky stars. This 2D paper star is easy to fold and a good origami projectSUBSCRIBE for more crafty fun.

Or make the star more bulky by. Origami Cube Star Decoration Tutorial December 7 2016. Fold one corner of the pentagon in to the middle creasing the fold all the way out to the point to create a sharp star point.

Theyre beautiful and adorable on their own though they can be made quickly in large quanities to. You can get different shaped stars with this method too by making changes to the cut at the end. Fold the top diagonal left and right edges diagonally in to align with the central crease.

This is the front of our origami paper the origami star will be this colour. Folding the Base. Adjust so that the bottom left part of the paper forms a sharp corner point.

The star can be considered a form of origami because it is made of identical paper sheets and assembled without glue. Fold the right point over to the left point. You can make your origami star more pointy by refolding it and making the cut at a sharper angle.

Fold it in half lengthwise. To make the star more three-dimensional fold the points together making the folds in between valley folds and then fold along the points of the star mountain folds. Now you can literally count your lucky stars.

This is the back of our origami paper. Fold the top right side over top the layers made in step 2. Fold the right point over to the left point.

Origami purists will frown upon me using scissors but hey this is the 21st century not feudal Japan – The finished star Christmas ornaments will be about 60 of the size of the square you start with. Open your paper up and flip it over. When you get to the 5th fold you will have to slightly open the 1st fold to complete it.

So you have this shape. Origami stars make great decorations all year round especially at Christmas and for the Star Festival. Subscribe for more amazing videos.

Bring the top left corner to meet the crease made in step 1. Fold the point back over to the right aligning the diagonal edge to the right edge. Learn how to make a pretty origami 5 point star this origami star looks the same on both sides requires no glue is folded from 1 sheet of square paper.

If you are using sticky notes have the sticky edge stuck down to the table on the diagonal top left edge. Then fold the paper along the other diagonal white side out 5. Httpsbitly33SNrhK Heres a remake of my ninja star tutorial from a couple years agoIf you couldnt get it becaus.

Unfold and repeat this for each of the five points until you have creases in the paper that look like this I have drawn the fold lines in so it is clearer in the photo. Traditionally the stars would be dipped into wax and sprinkled with glitter after being folded. Fold your paper in half colorful side out 2.

Learn how to fold many different origami star models here. So a 12 square will make a 7 star or a 85 square will make a 5 star. Start with a rectangular piece of paper such as 85 x 11 or A4.

Most Up To Date Screen Paper Crafts Design Strategies No Matter Whether You Happen To Be Brand New To The World Of In 2021 Christmas Origami Diy Origami Origami Stars. Open up your paper and fold your paper in half the other way colorful side out 3.

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