How To Fold Paper Snowflakes

Find the center of the paper on the fold. First s tart with a square sheet of paper and fold it into a triangle Image 1.

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Punch holes to decorate it.

How to fold paper snowflakes. If you are using our printable templates simply print and cut the outlined squares. How to Fold Six Sided Snowflakes. 1 Begin by folding your piece of paper in half short edge to short edge.

Fold your paper square in half so that you have a triangle. Fold a piece of paper in half. Start with a square of paper.

Then fold it again into a smaller triangle. Take the triangle and fold it in half again as shown. Start with a square piece of paper.

Watch the folding video. For a six sided snowflake start with a square piece of paper. Then bend the triangle youve got in half youll get a smaller triangle.

Cut off the excess paper at the bottom. To cut a square from a regular sheet of paper fold one corner down like a triangle and trim off the excess paper. Then fold it in half again Image 2.

You can make a square from a rectangular piece of paper simply by folding one corner down to form an isosceles triangle and trimming off the excess paper. Cut the points off the bottom of your triangle to form a straight edge. You now have a double folded triangle.

Cut across your paper to create a straight edged triangle. Cut small holes into the edge of your triangle to create the pattern. For a standard snowflake a normal printer paper 85 x 11 is just fine.

To get fancy decorate your paper beforehand in colored pencil crayon or marker. Fold the square of paper in half diagonally as shown. Make a paper square.

Fold it in 12 again just enough to make a tiny fold right in the middle of your paper. Fold the triangle in half to form a smaller triangle. Keep the paper folded as a large triangle.

This little notch will mark the center of your paper and should be along the first fold not on the side with two open ends. Or use colored paper. The paper can now be cut into a snowflake.

Then you fold it in half again and then fold it another time. Whether it be circles hearts stars triangles or even curls. Nows the time to get creative and give your snowflake a pattern.

One side of the triangle should be one large fold side A another side should have two smaller folds side B and the third side should be all open edges side C. See second picture I usually make two snowflakes for every 85×11 piece of paper so I first cut the paper in half and then make a square from each half. Sketchdraw a design on the edges and on the tip.

Now youre going to fold your circle in half creasing your snowflake well. In this tutorial we will learn how to fold paper snowflakesYou will need scissors in order to complete the modelThere are free printable papers that can he. Draw a design on this folded triangle.

How to make paper snowflakes The triangle folded into three from left to right. This method is easier for little hands to fold and cut. The easiest way to make it square is to fold over one large triangle.

TO MAKE A SQUARE. The key to a good snowflake is folding technique. As I got older and practiced my folding I learned how to fold to make 6-point snowflakes the way they appear in nature In this video Ill go through both folding methods and show you the difference in how your snowflake turns out.

In this case the design is a fir tree. HOW TO MAKE PAPER SNOWFLAKES. To do this take a square sheet of paper and.

Then you fold that in half another time. Set this triangle on the table with the point towards you and fold over the right side one third of the way across. Next fold the paper in half at the arrow but pull the tip of the triangle down like so Image 3.

Cut the snowflake following the lines that you drew. As you open the snowflake take time to fold each crease backwards so that the folds stay open and flat. Take its edges mentally divide the figure into three equal parts first must be bended the left part then apply it to the right one.

This will result in a small triangle.

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